Thursday, December 30, 2010

Make a Change... Choose to do.

Well folks it is that time of year. Time to forgive ourselves for our past failures, our broken promises, our laziness. Time to start over again. I encourage you to make a change. A change that has the potential to change your life. Sure it may be easier and cheaper to make a promise to yourself that you will get to the gym more this year, "get your cardio in more...", "Eat better" etc.. etc.

I know how this sounds. But the fact is we at CFP change peoples lives. Is it easy? No. But it is easier then you think. The difference we offer is passionate coaches, coaches that do the same work-outs you do. Just as important is our community of members who will support you and be positive. We all get more when we give more. That happens everyday at CrossFit Progression.

The simple fact is the people that make it through our doors at least 3x a week, that is 12 hours a month... Are experiencing the best fitness in their lives. You get to the gym. We change your life. It is that easy. Make a change, start the New Year Right. Our Website.